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Lush Halloween

Saturday, 27 October 2012

As always Lush has released the Halloween range in shops the same day as Christmas stuff, so they sort of get overshadowed by all the amazing new inventions for xmas. Sadly only three products have been released, only one of which is new. One is last year's Calacas jelly, another is a new bomb with the Calacas scent and last is the gift set. But if that wont give you your fill, you can always order from Lush retro online, where there's four more Halloween items from past years. Here's what I thought of the range:

The Enchanter

The Enchanter looks a little bit like Honey Bee as a bomb and smells like delicious lime jelly beans, the smell is strong as well and scented my whole bathroom for hours after my bath! It releases pink, yellow and orange colours into the bath and leaves you with bright orange silky water that smells heavenly. This bomb had me ringing my local Lush to make sure they'd still have some in stock come next payday! The price is rather reasonable at £3.20 as well, would definitely recommend. 


Calacas jelly is as gorgeous as ever, although I am not a huge fan of jellys, the smell makes you want to buy a load to keep in the freezer simply to take out and sniff. If you flop the jelly onto a plate, it is in the shape of a sugar skull, which was the inspiration from last year's Halloween range. I'm glad they brought it back for another year, although I would prefer it in gel form, but a girl can dream. You can snap a pot up for £3.25

Where The Magic Happens

The gift this year includes a knot wrap that looks like a circus tent! It looks incredible and is right up my street. It contains an Enchanter bomb, Twilight bomb and a Magic bomb from the retro range. I love it all except for the Magic, as i'm not keen on the smell. But will definitely get this just for the knot wrap!

UPDATE: The Enchanter is now available year round! *Happy dance*

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