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Limey Crimey Goodness!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

I recently made an order from Lime Crime after being in awe of the sneak peek swatches for the Venus 2 palette on their Instagram. I made a bee line for the new palette and popped a Velvetine and two Unicorn lipsticks in my cart as well, as they're being phased out and can be snapped up for mere pounds. I eagerly tracked my colourful little package over 6 days all the way from California to the West Country and almost tripped over my own feet trying to let the delivery man through the security gate.

The second coming of the Venus range has thrown some bold colours into the mix. The periwinkle blue Filter and the petrol-like, iridescent Pigeon have a lot of impact. I feel there is a lot more variety for grungey eye looks in this choice of colours. I'll either go mad layering the colours on top of each other (Mustard, Jam then Mud) or just pat Filter all over the lid and finish with a cat eye flick of liner for a full on 60's style eye.

Lime Crime Venus Palettes
Venus 1 and 2, Velvetines liquid lipstick in Cashmere, Unicorn lipstick in Coquette and Airborne Unicorn

Lime Crime Venus

Lime Crime Venus

Lime Crime Venus

Lime Crime Venus
L to R: Venus, Shell, Aura, Creation, Icon, Rebirth, Divine and Muse

Lime Crime Venus 2

Lime Crime Venus 2

Lime Crime Venus 2
L to R: Pigeon, Filter, Marsh, Mustard, Fly, Jam, Mud and Boot

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick Coquette Airborne Unicorn
Unicorn Lipstick, top: Coquette Bottom: Airborne Unicorn

Lime Crime Velvetines Cashmere
 Velvetines liquid lipstick in Cashmere


Lady Dinah's Cat Café

Saturday, 16 April 2016

When me and Dale visited London, Lady Dinah's Cat Café was at the top of my list. Lady Dinah's is an eatery housing 9 cats who live together harmoniously and are doted on by the 'cat carers' who double as waitresses. I've read about many contrived animal-themed cafés where usually profit comes first and the care of the animals comes second. This is definitely not like that. If customers badger or wake the kitties they will be asked to leave and the cats are fed a balanced diet and food is readily available to prevent any begging. All cats are either adoptions or rescues including the newest young cat Victor, who was left on their doorstep in a carrier. I booked a standard entry ticket for us both at £6 each and eagerly awaited our trip. The café doesn't open until 12pm, although the website states 11, to give the cats a chance to wake up and be more active. 

We were ushered in with the other appointments, given a quick run down of café etiquette and told to wash our hands before being lead downstairs into the basement and seated. The menu has some tasty light bites, yummy cakes and even vegan choices. A lovely blue-haired girl wearing cat ears took our food and drink order and we decided on the 'Donnie', a chai latté with a chocolate powder kitty stencil on top and two meatball bagels which were lovely. 

Most of the felines seemed to be chilling on the floor above so I wandered up and snapped some photos and tried (and failed) to interest the cats in some of the toys available. I chatted a bit with a cat carer about the café and I could easily see the cats were super comfortable with her as she played with Biscuit the tabby.  

The funniest thing is how people gather at the window and fuss over the cats trying to get their attention. Above you can see Carbonelle not giving two hoots about the ruckus she was causing outside.

Artemis looks out of the window in silent disapproval.

Petra is smug and content in her cat pod. Can I come back as a Lady Dinah's cat in my next life please?

This little guy is Donnie, our chai lattés namesake. 

Bored of looking at real cats? Just look at the walls for some p-awesome (sorry) cat art.

Queen Bee Mue surveys her kingdom from under the cat tree.

Would you ever visit a cat café? 

A Few Things

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Spring is finally here after what felt like two full Winters and the lighter days and bouts of sun (yes, real sun!) have really lifted my mood. Ming has come out of brumation (hibernation for reptiles) and is much more lively and willing to accept cuddles. I've been moved to the late shifts at work (hello lie-ins!) so I've been filling my days with pottering about the house spring cleaning, catching up with orders for my shop or binge reading Zoe's blog Conversation Pieces. Me and Dale are off on a much needed beak to London next week for some museum strolling, flower markets and cat cafés. But more on that later!

A little present from Devon

Natural light! A marvel for product photos

Chocolate chip melty

The best part of Easter besides chocolate? The cards!

Why I Gave Up Women's Magazines For Good

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

"Stars Without Make Up!", "95lb Meg Ryan Wasting Away!" and "POSH PUTS WEIGHT ON!!". These are just a few of the headlines that jump out at me while I flick through the magazine covers at work in the morning, ready to be shelved and displayed to the train commuters. I can't help but laugh at the celebrity 'news' gossip and fashion magazines print nowadays.

 It takes me right back to being a teenager, when I would read my mum's copy of Heat after she was done with it and peruse 'The Circle Of Shame' page. I wondered which female celeb had an exposed bra strap or a surgical scar this issue, all conveniently highlighted and enlarged for the reader. The next page would typically be about a celebrity who was looking noticeably thinner, thus she must be going through some sort of life crisis. Then another page with a large, unflattering photo of a TV presenter, speculating why she STILL hasn't had children yet, followed by a 5 day diet promising to flatten your tummy....It's no wonder I had terrible self esteem after reading this garbage every week. I developed a critical eye to other women's bodies, comparing them with my own and beating myself up if I came up short. I obsessed over diets, exercise plans and having skin as perfect as the women in the ad pages.

Now a little into my twenties, I ask myself why I would want to read something meant for leisure, that at the end of the day makes me feel guilty and bad about myself. I did what I do with anything (or anyone) negative or toxic in my life and cut it out completely. I haven't missed them in the slightest, choosing to get my pop culture news from Buzzfeed or Vice. Instead of flicking through OK! I'll pick up a Style At Home, Psychologies or Time Out and actually bloody learn something. I'm still in the process of unlearning the detrimental influence of women's magazines at such a young age, but I'm getting there.

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